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Useful websites that offer free web design tips & tricks, that will help a “non” developer create better web site design.

Here is a list of useful websites that offer free web design tips & tricks Web design tricks can be hard to find if you don’t know exactly where to look for them. That is why I decided to create a list of websites or blogs that offer free advice, learning, how tos, or tutorials –related to web design tips and tricks. If you are a graphic designer, graphic artist or web designer and have come across any other resourceful websites that offer tips and tricks for web designers or web developers, please leave a comment or a suggestion and we will consider the site into our article inclusion. As always we thank you for stopping by and hope you enjoy this great list.

site point topped are list as number one because they offer an extreme amount of resourceful information for web designers – they also have many books out that we definitely recommend purchasing. Site point’s books are very easy to use and understand great for the visual learner.

Smashing magazine
I can’t get enough of smashing magazine, in fact I use their site just as much as Google, I love their articles and if it wasn’t for the fact that it is not just a “web designer’s site” they would have topped out at number one. They have just released a new book, I’m sure it’s worth taking a look at.

CSS Play
I started designing sites way before CSS came along and couldn’t believe the things that the site owner was delving out, he is a lot older than I had anticipated – he has a great deal of knowledge and is always helping others learn the code, he is a very nice man, this is one of my all time resources for web design.

Dynamic Drive
Dynamic drive is a one stop shop for all your JavaScript needs, lately however they have expanded off into “CSS” and Ajax as well as a lot of other web design mediums. They are must for any web designer and a fantastic resource for beginners to pros.

JavaScript Kit
JavaScript kit is a small library of useful scripts that aid designers in learning the technique, they don’t update their site very often, but the stuff they do have on their site is worth taking a look at, especially if you’re new to designing web pages.

Dhtml goodies
Ajax is the new kid on the block and lately I have been fascinated with AJAX, I have included DHTML goodies because I think they provide a great resource for web designers looking to learn about the code they even offer free scripts.

Mini Ajax
Mini Ajax I think offers the best Ajax scripts around they even have pictures and detailed demos of how to construct the Ajax scripts yourself, this is perfect for new web designers, right on down to the professionals.

Scripts.com you can’t get more scripts than this, it’s a very useful resource as far as scripts go, most designers learn from experimenting and manipulating code, this is a great place to get pre-made code to study or learn from it.

Free byte
Free byte offers a wide variety of resourceful tools for web designers and developers they also have a huge library of scripts ranging from html to PHP.

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