What is SEO?

In Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO) we aim to improve the natural (or organic) rankings of a website in search engine result pages (or SERPs). It was the case a few years ago that you could just stuff your page with keywords and…. bingo! – you’re on the 1st SERP. Thankfully search engines have got a lot smarter – and will continue to do so, which is why our SEO focus on long-lasting quality.

The ranking of a webpage is directly dependent on millions (that’s right, millions) of variables. In SEO, we attempt to fulfill as many of these variables as possible so that search engines understand why your page should rank higher than others – in essence, we are optimising how well your page matches a certain search phrase. The optimisation process incorporates many techniques, which can are broken down into two areas:

  • On-site search engine optimisation – making sure that search engines fully understand your content and have no problems indexing your site
  • Off-site search engine optimisation – this is about making your site known on the internet, so that search engines have a reason to think your site is worthy source of information and deserves to rank highly for a certain phrase

On-Site Search Engine Optimisation

In order to rank well, your website has to present itself as a ‘worthy’ match to a certain search phrase. The aim of On-Site SEO is to make sure your website presents itself (ie.: its content) clearly, sharply and consicely. Search engines look for content, so we make sure that search engines understand exactly what your content is about. But that’s not all – search engines have mastered the ability to analyse the quality of your content – which is why we have mastered the techniques required to transform your content into exactly what search engines want.

Off-Site Search Engine Optimisation

Off-site SEO is all about increasing the number of links to your website, but the quality of those links is of utmost importance. For years, uninformed website owners have spent thousands of pounds on worthless linking strategies that never have (and never will) benefit the ranking of their websites. We however focus on the long-lasting quality of our linking strategies and ensure that your website will reap the benefits of our services for many years to come.

SEO vs Pay-Per-Click

In some ways, pay-per-click conveys a certain air of confidence that natural listings (or SEO) cannot replace. However, the ROI (Return on Investment) that comes with highly ranked natural listings in undeniable. Pay-per-click relies on a constant budget (stop paying and the punters will stop coming) whereas the cost of SEO is a sound investment – a long term marketing solution that naturally grows with time and increases the value of your website / business.

Black Hat vs White Hat Techniques

Many supposedly professional SEOs continuously try to trick search engines (with so-called Black Hat Techniques) into giving their websites a higher ranking. Unfortunately, they are unaware that the essence of SEO is honesty and trust. Search engines are based on complex mathematical equations that model this behaviour. These models are made up of millions of criteria, all of which contribute towards a website’s ranking. Our search engine optimisation service is about manipulating a website so that it fulfils as many of these ranking criteria as possible – no tricks.

What we can offer

We can help you with SEO whatever your requirements may be. Whether you already have a good presence on search engines or you have struggled for years to get anywhere or perhaps you have a brand new site that hasn’t even been indexed. We can put your website on the right track and provide a long-term quality guaranteed search engine optimisation service.

Here is what we can offer (in plain english – no jibber-jabber):

  • You tell us what keywords you want to appear on page one of Google for
  • We analyse the phrase, the market and your website
  • We create a range of method we can employ to help us achieve the desired results
  • We give you a price for the methods and the keywords (and perhaps suggest a few more)
  • You choose the methods and keywords you would like us to work on
  • You don’t pay us a penny until your site has appeared on page one of Google for your selected keywords