Design a Modern Portfolio Web Layout in Photoshop

Feb 05, 2010 View Comments

Click on the preview image below to see the layout in full scale. Step 1: Set up your Photoshop canvas The first thing we need to do is to create a new document of 1024×900px. This will be a good working size for a web page layout. Using your Paint Bucket Tool (G), fill the [...]

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MySpace & Facebook sign real-time search deals

Dec 09, 2009 View Comments

MySpace and Facebook have both signed deals with Google to allow publicly available status updates to be indexed in real-time by the search giant. – The Telegraph

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Add 20 Best Features Of Other Browsers to Firefox

Dec 08, 2009 View Comments

Firefox is a great browser and we all love it but you might have at some point however tried different browsers. I bet you had a feature or two that you really loved in them and wished one browser could have all you need.

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