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Mount and install Windows 7 from bootable USB or DVD

Jun 16, 2010 View Comments by Irshard OFM

Windows 7 being the Microsoft’s finest Operating system has got lot of features which other versions of windows lacked.

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9 Magic Methods for PHP

Jun 14, 2010 View Comments by Irshard OFM

The “magic” methods are ones with special names, starting with two underscores, which denote methods which will be triggered in response to particular PHP events.

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Online Resources To Get Some CSS Help

Jun 11, 2010 View Comments by Irshard OFM

We have all been there, the project is nearly complete and for no good reason your stylesheet is throwing divs around and won’t display across multiple browsers.

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10 Things to Learn From Print Ads

Jun 10, 2010 View Comments

Every form of advertising is different. TV, radio, online, billboard, in-store and print ads all require a different approach

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Web design tricks

Jun 05, 2010 View Comments

Useful websites that offer free web design tips & tricks, that will help a “non” developer create better web site design.

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