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Jun 13, 2010 View Comments by Irshard OFM

Hi viewers, We started this site with the intention of serving our customers, web developing enthusiasts, internet addicts, etc with our own articles and tutorials. But later, we have decide to compile the famous posts on the web, since the hand made tutorials are time consuming and with the interest of providing the visitors with [...]

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Feb 27, 2010 View Comments by Irshard OFM is having a new look

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How to Create a Photo Realistic Camera

Feb 06, 2010 View Comments by Azraar

Final Image Preview Step 1 Our first step is do some research. This camera is based on a Nikon D-60 so go ahead try to search for any reference material you can find. If you have this camera, put it beside you. If you don’t, try Google image, eBay, or Nikon’s official page to search [...]

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