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Feb 27, 2010 View Comments by Irshard OFM is having a new look

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jQuery Carousel Plugins

Feb 11, 2010 View Comments by Azraar

Carousels are handy if you have a row images and want your visitors to access them  in solid and really beautiful way. With jQuery opportunities this feature is made very simple and good-looking. In this post you’re going to find different types of premade carousel plugins and tutorials how to make your own unique carousel gallery [...]

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How to Create a Photo Realistic Camera

Feb 06, 2010 View Comments by Azraar

Final Image Preview Step 1 Our first step is do some research. This camera is based on a Nikon D-60 so go ahead try to search for any reference material you can find. If you have this camera, put it beside you. If you don’t, try Google image, eBay, or Nikon’s official page to search [...]

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Draw a 3D Umbrella with Photoshop

Feb 06, 2010 View Comments

In this drawing tutorial, I will walk you through my method of drawing a 3D umbrella in Photoshop that you can use as an icon or as part of an art piece. I will highlight some excellent and uncomplicated techniques for drawing design elements in Photoshop. Much of the coloring and shading is done using [...]

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Design a Modern Portfolio Web Layout in Photoshop

Feb 05, 2010 View Comments

Click on the preview image below to see the layout in full scale. Step 1: Set up your Photoshop canvas The first thing we need to do is to create a new document of 1024×900px. This will be a good working size for a web page layout. Using your Paint Bucket Tool (G), fill the [...]

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